New Project! Untitled….


I retired my game ideas at least temporarily, partly due to playtest feedback that the combat system was clunky with more than 4 – 6 PCs and NPCs in the same action. Too many dice rolls.

So, I was looking around for something to write. I’ve had an itch to get back into trying to write a novel. On a completely separate track in my head, I had been curious about the ancient aliens theories and started binge watching some of those shows on the History channel. After several months of what should have been obvious, I’ve put those two tracks on the same set of rails.

My new project is making a huge assumption (several, really) about the US Government, aliens on the planet today, ancient involvement in Earth’s affairs, with a dose of salt and some pepper. It starts off in the desert beneath Area 54, and quickly moves to Washington DC and I’m not sure where else. A delegation of aliens meets the President on the White House lawn, but there is an assassination attempt, and basically the hell is breaking loose.

The online version is slowly growing over here on Wattpad. Give it a read. It is all very rough and it may not make sense completely – just remember that I’m editing it like crazy so hopefully it’s going to be publishable.

I’m fairly excited about it.  I’ve even been reading up on Sumerian religion (Alexander Sitchin), Babylonian mythologies, and I’m trying to find more information about the Hopi ant peoples and other Native American early beliefs about the star people who came down to teach many things.


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