Mayhem achieved!

The evening went fairly well.Good news is that the combat system seems to not be broken, and might actually work with a little more elbow grease on the details.

Movement is a little iffy though. when I apply actual physics and movement rates to an inside space, it seems rather overwhelming. If you can go all the way across the map in one move and capture the opponent’s flag, that’s not a good thing. Or maybe it is? I still haven’t really decided.

It seems like we had a preference for starting a playtest campaign, and that will be next month’s ambition. we’ll also return to a more traditional initiative roll (or not) next time.

It is all for naught anyway. The ending is contested. The flag was held by two people, one with incendiaries, and they rolled a critical success. The other with prior possession and a just claim that the game was resolved by the stated rules.  So, until a strict forensics ruling can be had on the contents of the incendiaries, and their effects on the yellow flag (neither of which I intend to pursue) we’ll never be satisfied.

The next stop is more like role-playing, and we’re going to roll real characters. I’ll be in touch with that group by email.

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