So if I write a set of rules for a game that I can barely follow at this early point, that doesn't mean that any of the readers can follow, does it?I mean, I'm breaking down the rolls of the dice by each game second. OCD much? I have no idea if I'm headed in … Continue reading Oooops?

Enter: Hillport!

As you sit in your fishing dingy offshore on a lazy summer morning, Hillport rises to the North.  The expansive bay shelters commercial and fishing vessels, with their triangular sails and mysterious cargoes. At the pier for the ships and the fishing docks are shrines to the Master of the Void, as he is also … Continue reading Enter: Hillport!

Oh, Snap!

Whoah! I just found a mother lode of antique Tirra papers. These go back to at least 1999, also sporting a list of place names (some still valid) printed on a dot matrix printer. Really. :-/ So I think it's way past time to publish this sucker with some play testing, a few maps, and … Continue reading Oh, Snap!